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My Furry Kids
Below are some of my adults!

Jayda is 2.5 year old English Bull. This is her second Litter. Her scheduled C-section is August 28, 2018 (she went into labor early last litter). Both Jayda and the stud Malachite are A.K.C. Registered Excellent Pedigree (family tree)

Gemma is an English Bulldog (Gemma & Jayda are sisters). She is 2.5 years old. This is Gemma's first litter. She's a slow starter. She is A.K.C. Registered Excellent Pedigree (family tree). The stud Malachite also A.K.C Registered Excellent Pedigree.

Jayda's Sonogram

Jayda's Sonogram

Gaston & Emerald


Crystal, Jewels, Valerie and Opal





Crystal & Pearl

Julie Bug  (French Bull)



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