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Our Fleet

Kenworth Rear Mount Log Truck

 Freightliner Roll Off Truck 50 and 30 Yard Capacity

 Rear Mount Aerial Bucket Truck with 75’ Boom Working Height

 Rear Mount Aerial Bucket Truck with 75’ Boom Working Height

 Freightliner 22 Yard Chip Capacity

 Western Star Tractor Trailer

 Chevy 3500 Dump Body Truck

 Chevy 2500 HD Service Truck

 Chevy 3500 Dump Truck

 Ford F750 Chip Truck

 Ford F550 Service Truck

 1500 Chevy Pick-up

 Chevy 2500 HD Pick-up

 Chevy 2500 HD Pick-up



 Brush Bandit 2090 Whole Tree Chipper

 Brush Bandit 254 Chipper with 14” Capacity

 Brush Bandit 280 Chipper with 18” Capacity

 Brush Bandit 18”ca. 1890 Chipper

 Vermeer Stump Grinder

 Peterson Pacific Horizontal Grinder
(2)  Caterpillar 315 CL Excavator:  Stump Sheer
Ripper Tooth


 Coyote 1 Yard Loader      
Caterpillar 924G Loader with Bucket and JD Claw Log Loader
John Deere 548 Skidder with Grapple
Cat 303 Mini Excavator with Rotating Grapple
Caterpillar 268 Skid Steer Vegetation Mower
Teupen Leo 40 T 120 Foot Man Lift
Bobcat E45 Midsize Excavator with Grapple
Bobcat 130 Skid Steer

Hydro Sheer
Teupen Leo 30 T 100 Foot Man Lift
Terrex Mini Loader
Bobcat 70 Skid Steer
Lesco Tree/Shrub Fertilizer Sprayer
Cord King Firewood Processor
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